Interclub Round 4

2 wins for every team today, the men’s quad were the MVPs, winning 2 out of 2.

The Division 3 fours was the match of the morning. Playing at home vs Tawa Services who were top of the table after beating Wainui’s top team last round, Lou Newman, Peter Rintoul, Colvin Inglis, Rhys Barlow were in for a tough battle. From 7-7, it was descending into darkness for them, as they went to down 14-7, the lead and skip for Tawa Services playing particularly well, and the rubs weren’t going quite the way for the Victoria team, some good shots ending in bad results. With Colvin chucking them all over the place after about the 5th end, the rest of the team battled to pick up 1s and 2s to get them back into the game. Down 14-11 with 2 to go, the Tawa Services skip killed it with his last bowl. Lou called to play the bowls the same way, towards the clubhouse, but this time it wasn’t looking positive, being a few down as players changed ends. Lou Newman drew a beauty within a foot, and then another just outside to hold one. Tawa Services skip was unlucky to clip their own bowl out, meaning Lou’s bowls both counted.

One behind on the last!

On the last, Rhys Barlow drew a good shot a foot behind kitty, just holding from a Tawa Services bowl jack level. Colvin decided to show up for the first time in a long while, knocking Rhys onto the kitty and closer to his shot, to hold two. Lou remarked that it was one of the greatest bowls ever. No exaggeration there! Peter Rintoul added another in. Tawa Services then played a great bowl to move the kitty, but only to Colvin’s bowl sitting just behind. Victoria holding the draw, but were going for the win, so Lou drove for Tawa Services second shot, but missed. Tawa Services then sat out Victoria’s shot to hold the win. All down to Louie the Legend last bowl. Lou let it go straight down the middle, and halfway down it was clear he was all over it, he hit the kitty clean into the ditch to hold three, salvaging a win for Victoria that was looking very doubtful a few ends earlier.


Premier Woman at Naenae

Singles – Won
Pairs – Won
Fours – Lost

Prem women remain 5th in division, the win moves them 6 points behind Naenae who are 4th.

Premier Men at Johnsonville

This was a big match-up, with Johnsonville sitting in 2nd, Victoria sitting in 3rd. Victoria came through with a 2-1 win, with Ray winning by a bonus point vs Logan, and the pairs winning a tough battle. Wasn’t a good morning for the fours. With Island Bay beating Stokes Valley 23-1, Island Bay jump up to first in the top grade, with Victoria sitting close behind in 2nd.

Division 1 Men

Singles – Lost
Pairs – Won
Fours – Won

A good result for Division 1 after a poor start to the season, are starting to move up the table now. Third player in three weeks they’ve had in the singles, but still looking for their first win in that discipline.

Division 3 Men

Singles – Won – Chance Hausman now with 3 out of 3 singles wins, and two bonus points.
Pairs – Lost
Fours – Won


2 wins




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