Club Triples scores

Opening round of men’s club triples

L. Newman, O’Brien, A. Newman vs Reid, Gray, Barlow:

7th end: at 2-7 down, Lou put kitty in ditch to pick up 3. A huge bowl!! 5-7

8th end: Rangi’s team with 4 within a foot of kitty to move ahead 5-11.

11th end: Robert gets a toucher to hold. Lou moves kitty back on edge of rink to lie 2. Rangi goes the bowls but only gets one. 10-11

12 end: Bazza kills it

15th end: Robert draws it. Bazza drags it to Adam. Rangi knocks Robert up for shot to go up 11-14

16th end: Lou holds 4. Rangi draws 2nd. Lou couldn’t sit Rangi out. 12-14

17th end: Rangi one down, runs at it. Hits his second shot, but gets it square to hang around for 2nd

18th end: Adam Newman FIRST BOWL DRAGS KITTY IN DITCH. Then draws 2nd. Rhys nearly stops on edge for shot but falls in ditch. The Newman’s and Bazza win, first time ahead whole match!!

Fairhall, Crowley, McLeod vs Bennett, Roddick, De Munnik – James wins with an end to spare. Great start for defending champs. Were 4-8 down after 7 then got a 4.

Martin, Rintoul, Nugent vs Kydd, Ruane, Finlayson – Win for Ray. From 11-9 up they didn’t drop another end.

Gibb, Goudge, Dunham vs Guy, Ravji, Burgess – Big win for Laurie

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