Invitation Pairs – Live Scores of Final – Sun 18 Sept

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FINAL – Ray Martin & Scotty McGavin vs Seamus Curtin & Finbar McGuigan:

Defending champions Ray Martin & Scotty McGavin make the final again, looking to be the first team to go back-to-back in this tournament since Lawson & Parella in 1999 & 2000. The final features a showcase of young Wellington talent, and a little star from Bulls! Seamus & Finbar have had a lot of big wins this weekend, they have a differential of +68 for the tournament! They will be relieved to make the final though as it looked like they were going to miss out, until the Raika & Kelvin pair slipped up in their last match to open the door. Ray & Scotty have also had a rocky road into the final, with a loss yesterday and it coming down to differential to make the top section. Great for Victoria to have our star player in the final to cheer on again. Should be a great final!

On first end, Scotty drags the kitty a foot over to make 3 shots. 3-0

2nd end: Nobody too close until Ray draws a yard away, then Finbar draws in off it. 3-1

3rd end: Ray and Scotty sandwich the kitty until Seamus beautifully drags it back to hold three. Raymond runs at it. IT’S A WRONG BIAS BUT HE COMES OFF A BOWL AND GOBBLES KITTY INTO DITCH AND SITS BY IT. Gets two. 5-1 after 3

4th end: Ray draws a yard away, before Seamus draws within inches. Ray plays up to it, gives shot a few rolls but still down. Ray then runs. He is off target but hits a bowl onto the shot bowl, and his bowl follows through to sit near kitty. 7-1

5th end: As is often the case the wind has picked up just for the final!

Ray draws a yard away. Seamus close but on wrong side of it. Finbar plays with weight and grabs the kitty back. Then he adds another for three. 7-4

6th end: Seamus draws shot, Finbar adds. Finbar then unlucky to knock up opposition to make it just one. Ray on the run, gets shot cleanly out. Seamus also on the run, not quite. 9-4

7th end: Scotty all over it with first two bowls. Finbar drives and misses from lead position. Seamus knocks Ray up to make it 3. Seamus in area, a wee slide in for shot. 9-5

8th end of 14: Seamus with two shots a yard away. Finbar draws back toucher. Scotty gets second shot. Seamus hits Scotty into kitty but still holds. More of a shot on for Ray now who draws a toucher a metre through head. 10-5

9th end: Tighter head then Ray drags kitty to back of head to hold a couple. Finbar goes through a non-existent gap on the run. 12-5

10th end: Seamus draws a foot away with their opener. Finbar draws side toucher but still only hold one. Seamus adds. Ray runs kitty in the ditch to hold 3! Seamus tries to drive their toucher into ditch but just misses. 15-5

11th end: Scotty bangs one right in front of kitty. Seamus sits on shot bowl but kitty goes to where Ray had just put cover. Seamus drives, hits one but they don’t both go. Scotty draws a ripper. Wow, Scotty then another hummer. 17-5

11th end: Scotty bangs one right in front of kitty. Seamus sits on shot bowl but kitty goes to where Ray had just put cover. Seamus drives, hits one but they don’t both go. Scotty draws a ripper. Wow, Scotty then another hummer. 17-5

Raymond Martin and Scotty McGavin have gone back-to-back, winning Invitation Pairs for second year running!!! Great performance by them both. Ray hit nearly every up shot he played (even if lucky ones early), and also dragged a lot of kitty’s. Also was playing final with someone else’s bowls after breaking his set! Scotty yet again a stellar performance, beautiful dead drawing.

1.00pm matches:

Division 1 Section A:

Curtin & McGuigan vs Dickison & Arlidge: 12-3 Final

Little & Looker vs Gregory & Budge: 13-9 Final

Gregory & Budge have won two, so make the final if they win this one.

Raika & Kelvin not making many friends as Raika’s drive cannons into the head of the rink next door, which is game between two teams they beat today!

Gregory & Budge with an early 0-7 lead has been cut down to 3-7 after 5.

6th end Budgee draws a hummer, then adds with a wick. 3-9 after 6.

8th end Brian with two beauties off the front but Raika draws a toucher, walked after the bowl holding finger up! Brian responds by also trailing jack but doesn’t stay with it. Raika drawing, but it hits bowl from rink next door, Raika not impressed. Brian then also nearly hit bowl of next rink but Raika called out to Budge and he draws it. 5-9 after 8.

9th end: Raika with two beauties but Brian with last bowl hits them both out to hold three. Budge cuts it to two. 7-9 after 9.

10th end: Raika draws shot off the front. With their last bowl, Brian just managed to flick it out. Raika with four seconds can’t quite move it. Last two ends some big Brian final bowls have nearly caught them up. 8-9 after 10.

11th end: Budge draws it off the front. Raika draws toucher but is unlucky and goes one down. Budge playing up to shot bowl, flicks kitty to hold two. Big bowl for them there. With last bowl Brian drives the kitty. It’s going into ditch but cannons out of bounds. Brians hold four on the spot. Budget’s last bowl sails past. 12-9 after 11.

Last end: Raika/Kelvin need a three to qualify. Raika draws it early on. Budge adds. Raika with last bowl, playing to hit his bowl then rub onto opposition gets it just as called to hold four… Except kitty spils away, so the Brian’s get the victory. Very unfortunate end. 13-9 to Looker & Licker

Division 1 Section B:

Ditfort & Coleman vs Martin & McGavin: 7-10 Final

Defending champions have won two today, so just need to win this to progress to another final. Could even lose and still qualify on differential.

Pascoe & Carroll vs Soden & Burgess: 6-11 Final

Division 2:

Cook & Ruane vs Newman & Ravji: 13-5 Final
Hill & O’Brien vs Prasaad & Hitchcock: 8-8 Final
Hamlyn & Roddick vs Bird & Toomey: 6-9 Final

10.30am matches:

Division 1 Section A:

Curtin & McGuigan vs Gregory & Budge: 8-10 Final

The two teams that won their first match this morning go head-to-head. Curtin & McGuigan have been ticking up several big wins. It’s the 20 year anniversary since Kelvin Budge won this back in 2002 with Jamie Hill.

1st end: Budgee draws shot. Finbar unlucky through small gap. 0-1

2nd end: Budgee with shot again and they get two. 0-3

3rd end: Finbar drives last bowl but only one shot goes. 0-4

4th end: Very tight end with five bowls within a foot. Seamus unlucky to clip Budgee in. 0-5 after 4

5th end: Kelvin & Raika have a loose one and drop 4. 4-5

6th end: Beautiful toucher by Raika. His family here loving it! Two to him. 4-7

7th end: Seamus sits the shot bowl. Budgee with a drive, got it all the way, smacks the shot and nudges kitty to his own bowl. 4-8

8th end: Raika clips the Budgee shot out. Seamus adds. Actually on measure is only one. 5-8

9th end: Raika draws the side jammer. Fin drives, gets it. Kitty hits a bowl and sits inside rink. Controversially, the bowl the kitty hit was out of bounds. They decide to treat it as a kill so kitty goes on two metre mark. 5-9

6-9 after 10

11th end: Good end forming for Seamus & Finbar, then Raika sits one right on top of shot bowl. Last bowl Finbar is close, touches kitty but it barely moves. 6-10

Last end: Raika with two good shots off the front. Budgee with a bit of a shocker, some short bowls and a wrong bias makes them 3 down. Seamus unlucky to clip one of their shots out and roll away. Raika & Budgee hold on for a crucial victory.

Little & Looker vs Dickison & Arlidge: 16-14 Final

Brian drives opposition bowl out last bowl of match for victory

Division 1 Section B:

Ditfort & Coleman vs Soden & Burgess: 12-9 Final

Pascoe & Carroll vs Martin & McGavin: 6-18 Final

Like Section A, the two winners from this morning go head-to-head. Added interest in this match as it’s a rematch from last years final that Ray Martin & Scotty McGavin won. Pascoe & Carroll looking to go one better this year than their runners up finishes last two years running.

1st end: Ray with a good start 0-2

2nd end: Scotty puts kitty in ditch and they pick up 6! 0-8

3rd end: Scotty drags kitty but doesn’t stay with it. 2-8

4th end: Pascoe draws it early. Scotty drives, hits a bowl onto kitty which goes in ditch again, Pascoe’s shot still holds. Ray draws it. 2-9

2-10 after 5

6th end: Mike holds shot. 3-10

3-14 after 7

3-16 after 8

5-16 after 9

5-17 after 10

6-17 after 11

Division 2:

Hill & O’Brien vs Shedlock & Northcote:14-8 Final

Cook & Ruane vs Bird & Toomey: 6-10 Final
Hamlyn & Roddick vs A. Newman & Ravji: 14-3 Final
L. Newman & McLeod vs Prasaad & Hitchcock: 14-15 Final

8.30am matches:

Division 1 Section A:

Curtin & McGuigan vs Little & Looker: 18-6 Final. Another win with a big margin for Curtin/McGuigan. They are +61 over their four matches this weekend.

Gregory & Budge vs Dickison & Arlidge: 11-9 Final

6th end: Raika & Kelvin fortunate to only drop one as opposition miss chances to sit bowl or move kitty for a big number. 3-6 after 6

7th end: Kelvin drags kitty last bowl of end for 3. Raika calls out ‘You listen to Guru, cuz’. Dan tries to call a shot in reply but no bowls left. 6-6 after 7

8th end: After heaps of bowls, one shot was made. 6-7 after 8

9th end: Budgee with shot and they get two. 8-7 after 9

10th end: Colvinator informs them their board is wrong, they missed the 9th end. 8-8 after 10

11th end: Toucher by Raika and they get three. 11-8 after 11

Last end: Kelvin two down and drives them both out clean. Win for Gregory/Budge

Division 1 Section B:

Ditfort & Coleman vs Pascoe & Carroll: 3-12 Final

5th end: On a tricky rink 1, Ditford draws a few and they hold maybe 5. Carroll with last bowl gets a double rub in for shot, which Coleman can’t remove. 0-5 after 5

6th end: Wayno draws it and gets on the board 1-5 after 6

7th end: Lance draws it then Mike flops shot bowl onto kitty to hide it nicely. 1-8 after 7

8th end: Wayno with a toucher. Lance runs kitty in ditch with their last bowl. Pascoe/Carroll have lost the final two years running, looking strong again this year. 1-9 after 8

9th: Wayno calls Ditfort to start driving at it early. Wayno also drives before drawing last bowl to reduce it to two. 1-11 after 9

10th end: Lance draws a side jammer. 1-12 after 10

Win for Pascoe/Carroll

Soden & Burgess vs Martin & McGavin: 8-12 Final

8th end: Ray drives last bowl of end, gets shot clean for two shots. 5-7 after 8

9th end: 5-10 after 9

10th end: Ray has won three straight ends after scores were level. 5-11 after 10

Division 2:

Cook & Ruane vs Hamlyn & Roddick: 7-12 Final
Bird & Toomey vs Newman & Ravji: 7-9 Final
Hill & O’Brien vs Newman & McLeod: 12-5 Final
Shedlock & Northcote vs Prasaad & Hitchcock: 8-12 Final

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