2022 Victoria Invitation Pairs – 16-18 September

With Green 2 undertaking long overdue renovations, this year’s Invitation Pairs goes ahead just on Green 1 with play starting on Friday afternoon. Qualifying finishes on Saturday as usual. On Sunday, the Championship & Plate sections go ahead as normal, but no ‘Shootout’ section.

Ray Martin will be looking to try defend his title with Scotty McGavin. Their first match is against Adam Newman and renowned giant killer Jayden ‘Glove’ Ravji.

Full Draw and Updated Scores During Weekend on Invitation Pairs page

Some of the matches to watch out for today:

Friday 2pm:

Dan Dickison & Nathan Alridge vs Ray Boffa & Robbie Bennett
Raika Gregory & Kelvin Budge vs Rav Maharaj & Adrian O’Brien
Brian Little & Brian Looker vs Grant Wakefield & Adrian Cronin

Friday 4pm:

Robbie Bird & Tim Toomey vs Rory Soden & Mark Burgess
Ray Martin & Scotty McGavin vs Adam Newman & Jayden Ravji

Day One live scores




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