Invitation Pairs – Day One Results

Round One results – Friday 16 September

Day 1 Results

4pm Matches:

Curtin/McGuigan vs Isaacson/Bland: 28-3 Final (Curtin picked up a 7 on 2nd end)
Pascoe/Carroll vs Frew/Gibb: 14-13 Final
Bird/Toomey vs Soden/Burgess: 7-19 Final
Martin/McGavin vs Newman/Ravji: 15-11 Final (Defending champs Ray & Scotty only went ahead on the 2nd to last end, then Jayden was very unlucky with last two bowls on last end to drop a 3)
Guy/Finlayson vs Prasaad/Hitchcock: 10-11 Final
Thomas/Patton vs Ballinger/Yem: 12-16 Final
Duncan/Nichols vs Muriwai/O’Brien: 8-12 Final
Shedlock/Northcote vs Thorn/Henderson: 21-16 Final

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