Invitation Pairs – Sat 17 September Results

Final Qualifying Round results – Saturday 17 September

Charts After End of Section Play

Post-section Draw


3.30pm matches:

Curtin & McGuigan vs Prasaad & Hitchcock (both two winners): 17-9 Final

Section 8 has all four teams on one win:

Newman & Ravji vs Thomas & Patton: 14-8 Final
Martin & McGavin vs Ballinger & Yem: 22-6 Final

1.30pm matches:

Soden & Burgess vs Duncan & Nichols: 16-7 Final
Pascoe & Carroll vs Thorn & Henderson: 17-15 Final
Gregory & Budge vs Newman & McLeod (both teams two winners): 14-10 Final
Little & Looker vs Hill & O’Brien (both teams two winners): 12-9 Final
Dittfort & Coleman vs Hamlyn & Roddick (both teams two winners): 23-10 Final
Bird & Toomey vs Muriwai & O’Brien: 14-13 Final
Dickison & Arlidge vs Cooke & Ruane (both teams two winners): 19-19 Final
Frew & Gibb vs Shedlock & Northcote: 7-17 Final

Previous round:

10.45am matches:

Ray Martin & Scotty McGavin vs Stacey Thomas & Scott Patton: 13-14 Final (Ray was 1-10 down).

On last end, 13-13, Ray brought the mat up and tried to drive kitty in ditch but missed. Stacey got shot a foot in front of kitty. With Ray’s last bowl, he chipped the kitty to hold. Stacy with last bowl of the match, on the run, he hits Ray out and holds the win!!! What a match.

Mike Isaacson & Kelvin Bland vs Sanjhe Prasaad & Brian Hitchcock: 11-14 Final
Hayden Frew & Roy Gibb vs Ross Thorn & Bruce Henderson: 16-17 Final
Lance Pascoe & Mike Carroll vs Dave Shedlock & Carl Northcote: 28-3 Final
Rory Soden & Mark Burgess vs Gary Muriwai & Mark O’Brien: 18-14 Final
Seamus Curtin & Finbar McGuigan vs Laurie Guy & Calum Finlayson: 24-8 Final (Laurie was up 0-6 early)
Adam Newman & Jayden Ravji vs Peter Ballinger & Robbie Yem: 17-10 Final
Robbie Bird & Tim Toomey vs Shane Duncan & Steve Nichols: 21-13 Final

8.30am matches

Steve Dittfort & Wayne Coleman vs Mark Benton & Kiro Rokotakala: 23-11 Final
Rav Maharaj & Adrian O’Brien vs Lou Newman & Ian McLeod: 10-13 Final
Ray Boffa & Robbie Bennett vs Ricky Cooke & Gary Ruane: 13-15 Final
Dan Dickison & Nathan Arlidge vs John Earles & Howard Ivory: 16-6 Final

Grant Wakefield & Adrian Cronin vs Jamie Hill & Barry O’Brien: 11-12 Final – Crucial moment in this match at 7-7 when Wakefield was holding 4 shots until Jamie Hill’s last bowl that drove the kitty clean which made it bounce back up the green. After some contention of how far the kitty had to be up, the rulebook was consulted to say it needs to be up 20m to be live. With Wakefield holding one shot, a long measure was called. The kitty wasn’t up so was respotted on the 2m mark where Jamie & Bazza held 3 shots. A massive turnaround. Wakefield/Cronin still only lost by one.

Raika Gregory & Kelvin Budge vs Brian Cleaver & Isi Taito: 16-10 Final
Ken Brown & Gareth Evans vs Gavin Hamlyn & Scott Roddick: 12-16 Final
Brian Little & Brian Looker vs Brian Whale & Terry Patterson: 17-12 Final




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