Player of the Year Ranking after Week 5

After Week 5 of the Player of the Year rankings, Ray Martin still enjoys a healthy lead at the top of the table.

Link to full Player of the Year Rankings

While Ray’s number 1 spot is boosted from his VBC Invitation Pairs victory, he still has equal points with 2nd place from other events. Him & Roy Gibb are the only players to have won all 3 interclub matches, each earning 6 points from that.

Players who won both interclub matches on the weekend as well as a club singles match zoomed up the rankings, with Gary Ruane, Laurie Guy, Mark Burgess, and Chance Hausman all doing that and having double digit rises up the table. Roy wasn’t in the club singles, but won his pennants game on Wednesday as well as his interclub matches.

Great to see Peter Rintoul finally get to his new club after being stuck in Australia. He is one win from one match to get onto the table!

A big drop for Colvin down from 4th place to 18th after being in the only interclub team that didn’t win a match on Saturday. Similar drop for James who didn’t play interclub or club singles, though we did see him come watch on Sunday, no points for that sorry!

Alf in 4th spot has had the most successful club championship season so far, with 6 wins.




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