2021 Invitation Pairs – Day 2 Live Scores & Results

Cold day here as we play the final day of the 25th Victoria Invitation Pairs.

Day 2 – Top 8 & Plate Completed Section Results


11th end: Scotty with good shot hold 2. Lance runs, on target, unlucky to hit shot rather than get kitty. Ray adds directly behind kitty. Mike runs, touches kitty, but it barely moves. SHAKE HANDS TIME!


10th end: Ray draws shot off the front. Mike outdraws it. Ray draws it dead, a beauty! Lance with a very tough shot to get at it, just misses. 12-5. Two to go.

9th end: Scotty with a ripper right in front of kitty. Good reply by Lance but only manages to roll Scotty onto kitty. Ray spills kitty, holds two, but is more open now. 11-5

8th end: Lance/Mike with 3 good shots. Scotty slides in Ray to reduce to 1. 8-5. 4 ends to go.

7th end: Two good lead bowls from Mike, Lance adds. Ray sneaks in for shot though. Mike is in the area, then double rubs in for shot. Then he sits out Ray to hold a number. Scotty drives… Hits bowl onto kitty, kitty jumps into air! It lands near where it was. 8-4

6th end again: Homeboy Hero, Ray draws a toucher. Then Mike with an even better toucher. Best head of match so far. 8-2

6th end: Ray draws 2 off the front, but Lance draws it out with a toucher. Scotty runs Lance out for Ray’s bowls to hold again. Next bowl Mike runs and hits kitty clean to kill it.

5th end: Ray judges the wind well, chucking it up the middle to draw shot. Toughest conditions of weekend. Mike runs last bowl, hits out shot and his second to still be one down. 8-0

4th end: Ray with early shot 10 inches away level with kitty. Mike attacks ditch weight, a wee rub onto kitty but Ray’s shot still holds and holds 3. Lance unlucky with last. 7-0

3rd end: Scotty with shot off the front like 1st end. The rain is back! Nobody can beat Scotty’s early shot. Some havoc with the wind. 4-0

2nd end: Ray draws two with his last two bowls. Scotty’s bowl not quite third. 3-0

1st end: Scotty’s early drawn bowl gets shot. Some big wind outside. This game is a breeze! 1-0

Lance Pascoe & Mike Carroll in their second final in a row, looking to go one better than last year. Lance is the only finalist who has won the tournament before, having won with Lawson in 2011. Could be a happy 10 year anniversary for him of that victory!

Ray Martin carrying the flag for Victoria, playing with the man from Marton, Scotty McGavin (though plays bowls in Bulls). Martin/Marton pairing.

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Final is 12 ends no time limit.

Stat of the day: In this tournament since 2010, Gary Lawson has played 52 matches, Won 42, Drawn 1, Lost 9 (before this year).

Top 8 – Day 2 Round 3 Results

Section A:

Rink 6: Curtin/McGuigan vs Fairhall/Kydd – 11-11 Finished (in more ways than one)

Rink 7: Lawson/Prasad vs Pascoe/Carroll – 8-9 Finished

Section B:

Rink 2: McGavin/Martin vs Stevens/McLean – 12-8 Finished

Rink 3: Muriwai/Alefosio vs Curtain/Ruane – 15-4 Finished

In the final round, Section A is currently being won by last years finalists, Pascoe/Carroll. They play six-time tournament winner, Lawson, who is with Prasad, a +3 win by them would put them ahead of Pascoe/Carroll. Though in that situation Fairhall/Kydd could overtake both of them with a big win.

In Section B, it’s a two horse race for top spot into the final. Steven/McLean are winning the group on 2 wins, playing McGavin/Martin on 1.5 wins. Do a draw for Stevens/McLean would be enough for them, while any win for McGavin/Martin puts them into top spot.

Day 2 Round 2 Results for Top 8

Section A:

Rink 4: Lawson/Prasad vs Curtin/McGuigan – 18-12 Finished

Rink 5: Pascoe/Carroll vs Fairhall/Kydd – 12-8 Finished. (Amazing finish. Kydd 3 behind on last end, moved kitty a foot to hold 4, then Carroll last bowl of match sat on shot bowls to get shot).

Section B:

Rink 6: McGavin/Martin vs Curtain/Ruane – 12-10 Finished

Rink 7: Muriwai/Alefosio vs Stevens/McLean – 8-14 Finished

In Round 2 Section A, we have the two winners from this morning playing each other, with last years finalists Pascoe & Carroll up against two Victoria lads, Fairhall/Kydd.
Section B is going to be interesting after a draw in Round 1. Stevens/McLean currently winning section are up against Muriwai/Alefosio who unfortunately didn’t get much morning tea after opposition kept killing the end after the bell in last match!

Day 2 Round 1 Results for Top 8

Section A:

Rink 2: Curtin/McGuigan vs Pascoe/Carroll – 10-14

Rink 3: Lawson/Prasad vs Fairhall/Kydd – 11-14 (Lawson was 10-1 ahead)

Section B:

Rink 1 – McGavin/Martin vs Muriwai/Alefosio – 10-10 (last end was played four times after Ray Martin killed it after the bell twice and then Scotty McGavin killed third attempt).

Rink 8 – Stevens/McLean vs Curtain/ Ruane – 12-9 Finished

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