Nicole Toomey Wins Victoria’s 8th National Title In A Row!!

We are just so proud about Nicole Toomey’s victory in the National Singles.

Not much could have made the whole club prouder to get our EIGHTH STRAIGHT NATIONAL TITLE than it to be NICOLE TOOMEY getting the NATIONAL SINGLES victory. We remember after Leigh & Helen had won it back-to-back (to start off the streak), saying to Nicole, ‘your turn next’. The comment a few years back was never an off-hand comment, as we all knew Nicole had the ability and the temperament to do it.

It was always tough competition for Nicole at Victoria as a young teenage bowler. She wasn’t the only ‘young gun’ battling it out on the Mt Victoria town belt. The also young, but slightly more experienced, Lisa White & Kirsten Griffin were also playing at Victoria through much of Nicole’s years growing in the game. While Nicole was the junior of the three talented young stars playing at the time, she displayed her abilities against them to give us a glimpse of how far she could go in the game. Having other top level competition to play with and against, definitely helped Nicole raise her game, from Lisa & Kirsten, and also of course, Leigh, Helen, and the other top Victoria ladies.

In a way it’s a shame that Pete wasn’t around to see it, but he always knew the trajectory that Nicole was on. If he is looking down from above, he’s certainly not surprised. Pete’s pride of Nicole, and his whole family, could never be greater than what it already was.

Nobody could ask for better parents to cheer them on, and Mary-Ann, who is known for her wonderful smile, has had even bigger smiles than she usually does recently! Tim is absolutely over the moon for Nicole, he loves playing with Nicole, and while a top player in his own right, always follows his little sisters progress keenly and proudly.

This is a moment we will never forget as a club. A young bowler who started at the club and has always been a massive supporter of Victoria.

Nicole Toomey: You absolutely deserve it. You’ve always been so talented, but probably more importantly, dedicated, calm, and unassuming. We’ve loved having you as a star for our club for many years, it’s awesome the rest of the country seeing our Nicole as well!

Thanks as well to Stokes Valley Bowling Club for getting Nicole into the Bowls3Five. We’re happy for our players to play at the highest level, even if it isn’t under the name we’d like!


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