Ray Martin – Bowls NZ Emerging Player of the Year

Ray Martin won the Bowls NZ Emerging Player of the Year award for the 2019-20 year, big congratulations to him.

Although Ray has obviously emerged many years ago, and has been a top player for a while, the 2019-20 season saw him taking it to the next level. Winning a National Pairs title obviously being a peak. The link below to the Bowls NZ article talks more about his recent progression.

What we’ve seen with Ray is his progression from being a 12 year old kid with talent playing bowls, to being a man, and a proper ‘pro’ now. Ray ensues the values of Victoria Bowling Club, and we’re proud that he sees us as his club. Club loyalty isn’t always enshrined as a value these days in many sports, including ours, but it’s to Ray’s credit he does care about this club and wants to stay with it. Top club, so why wouldn’t you! The thing is, Ray also plays his part on the Committee as well (which many refuse!), and also actively takes on juniors in club championships, possibly more than anyone in the club.

Not every National Title holder (and Emerging Player of the Year) puts in for their club what Ray does, we’re lucky to have him. At the same time, Ray stays at our club because of the great culture here. We can all play our part in keeping up the great culture of the club that keeps Ray and many others loving their time at the wonderful Victoria Bowling Club.

Emerging Player of the Year

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