Well done Lou and Roy!

Well done Lou Newman and Roy Gibb for winning the Wellington 2-4-2 Easter Pairs! The big game in their path to the final was definitely the quarterfinal on home ground at Victoria in the fading light Sunday evening against Johnsonville’s Mark Noble and Rob Ashton. Having worked themselves to a position of three ahead going into the last end, it wasn’t looking good with one bowl to play 7 down on the head! But Roy’s run shot somehow managed to disturb enough and stay on the head to cut it down to 2 for the win.

Prospects weren’t looking to good at 9-2 down in the final either to Titahi Bay’s Phil Todd and Joe October but the Vic lads scratched their way back into the game picking up singles and twos on a tricky rink to slowly claw their way on top for a 12-9 win. After a couple of Wellington event runner-ups last season, this was Roy’s first Wellington centre title, and Lou’s ninth. The Easter 2-4-2 pairs format introduced in 1998 seems to agree with Victoria – we have won the title 5 times now in the last 11 years including a previous win for Lou in 1999.

Five of the six mens Victoria pairs qualified with Wayne Coleman and Jeremy Kydd reaching the quarterfinals.

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