Invitation 2-4-2 Pairs



The weather has been great for the 21st Speight’s Victoria Invitation 2-4-2 Pairs this weekend. There were some shock exits from the main event and plate from the first day with World Champion Shannon McIlroy and Justin Goodwin, 2015 champs Robbie Bird and Jayden Ravji and 2010 champs Ray Boffa and Rob Ashton relegated to the Shootout.

The final of the main event is underway with Ray Martin having to edge a toucher on the drive away from the kitty in the ditch to beat Ricky Cook and Jordan King. Ray is playing with Scotty McGavin from the Bulls club in Manawatu. Wayne Coleman is going for his 3rd title partnered with Terry Johnson. They had a scare in their last game but were able to make sure they did not lose by 7 to make the final against surprise package Ron Snowden and Kurt Burgess.

Final (after 12 of 12 ends):

Coleman & Johnson  16 – WINNERS

Martin & McGavin     7


Victoria 21st Invitational Pairs – RESULTS

Previous Winners:

2016 Abandoned Victoria-20th-Invitational-Pairs-RESULTS
2015 R. Bird (Naenae) & J. Ravji (Victoria) Victoria 19th Invitational Pairs – RESULTS
2014 J. Goodwin & G. Lawson (Eastbourne) Victoria 18th Invitational Pairs – FINAL RESULTS
2013 R. Corry (Victoria) & E. Wong (Stokes Valley) Victoria 17th Invitational Pairs – FINAL RESULTS
2012 G. Wakefield & AJ. Cronin (Johnsonville) Victoria_16th_Invitational_Pairs_FINAL_RESULTS
2011 L. Pascoe & G. Lawson (West Coast/Canterbury) Victoria_15th_Invitational_Pairs_-_FINAL_RESULTS
2010 R. Boffa & R. Ashton (Kapiti Coast/Johnsonville) Victoria_14th_Invitational_Pairs_-_FINAL_RESULTS
2009 S. Glavas & R. Holmes (Titahi Bay/Kapiti Coast)
2008 A. Curtain & G. Lawson (Canterbury)
2007 R. Boffa & K. Rice (Kapiti Coast/Victoria)
2006 C. Lowery & W. McLachlan (Canterbury/South Otago)
2005 A. Forsyth & D. Hanson (Nelson/South Canterbury)
2004 R. Brassey & W. Coleman (Auckland/Victoria)
2003 S. Posa & L. Guy (Waikato/Victoria)
2002 J. Hill & K. Budge (Auckland/Dunedin)
2001  Abandoned
2000 R. Parella & G. Lawson (Australia/Canterbury)
1999  R. Parella & G. Lawson (Australia/Canterbury)
1998  L. Newman & W. Coleman (Victoria)
1997  J. Corbett & D. Stratford (Naenae)

WOMENS 3 – 4 MAY 2014

Click here for the results from Sunday: Victoria 8th Womens Invitational Pairs – DAY2 RESULTSSandra Keith

 Previous Winners:

2014 S. Mathews & S. Keith (Canterbury) Victoria 8th Womens Invitational Pairs – DAY2 RESULTS
2013 L. Hare & L. Ralph (Johnsonville / Auckland) Victoria 7th Womens Invitational Pairs – DAY2 RESULTS
2012 S. Mathews & S. Keith (Canterbury) Victoria_6th_Womens_Invitational_Pairs_-_DAY2_RESULTS
2011 K. & L. Griffin (Victoria) Victoria_5th_Womens_Invitational_Pairs_-_FINAL_RESULTS
2010 K. Griffin & J. Edwards (Victoria / Canterbury)
2009 H. King & K. Coombe (Victoria / Wanganui)
2008 H. May & P. Wishnowsky (Victoria / Petone Central)
2007 M. Khan & J. Khan (Waikato / Canterbury)

1 – 7 YEAR JUNIORS 30 APRIL – 1 MAY 2011

Victoria 2nd 1-7 Year Pairs – FINAL RESULTS

 Previous Winners:

2011 G. Corlett & J. Fox (Naenae / Upper Hutt)
2010 R. Hakkens & J. Coleman (Victoria)

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