Sunday 30 October men’s pairs report

This afternoon’s men’s pairs play featured the first ever match played by Marcus Ruane (hadn’t even played a gala before), playing with his dad, Gary Ruane. They came up against Lou Newman and Ian McLeod who had lost this morning to Jayden & Adam. With Gary Lawson in attendance to watch, Marcus competed well at lead vs Ian, some great bowls. Rarely ever short which pleased Goz who enjoys attacking. Goz was clearly spurred on in this match with his lad playing, and was drew excellently throughout. With the crowd favourites 3 behind on the last end, Marcus drew two shots, then with Goz’s last bowl he added. Lou was unfortunate to go through a small gap, so it went to an extra end. On the extra end, Ian drew well to be up as they crossed. Goz’s last bowl looked promising, sent it out wide on what looked like a good line, but it brutally cut and got the wrong side of the shot bowl. The win for Lou kept his pair in the competition. He was relieved about that and also to not lose to a player in their first ever match. A great first game for Marcus.

It was two hearbreaking losses for one of the less experienced pairs, current junior singles champion Bas Dynan, and junior player Antony Foster. Up against Ray Martin, they came from behind to be one ahead on the last end. On the last end, Antony drew a beautiful side toucher. Bas was correctly trying to cover the back, but made the sin of not taking enough green and spilt the kitty back to be down and allow Ray room to add. Then they were one behind on the last end against Robbie Bennett & Sid Roddick, but couldn’t get the shot of Sid who was all over the jack on the last end. Two great efforts by Bas & Antony, a shame for them to go out with two such well-played matches against top opposition.

One of the teams with two wins was Jayden Ravji and Adam Newman. They beat Lou & Ian by going from 7-13 down then coming home strong for a 21-13 win. They then cruised home to a massive win against Roy & Graeme who had beaten Bazza & Burgee in their first match. Robbie & Sid who won the competition two years ago also had two wins as they got through two closer than expected matches. As well as their victory mentioned earlier, they also beat Colvin & Jim. Jim got them close with some top-level ends that was forcing Robbie into some saves, but while four behind with two to go, Sid drew three shots, then Robbie took out Colvin’s shot with his last bowl to win the match.

One of the matches of the day was two juniors, Calum Finlayson and Liam Crowley who took down the tough team of Neil Red & Rhys Barlow. Calum was setting the heads up well for them with some great lead bowls, then Liam playing some big bowls at skip. With the scores even on the last end, Calum drew two beauties, including a front jammer. The best possible time to bust out the front jammer. Rangi wasn’t left with much hope from there.

A good day for the juniors.

Men’s Club Pairs Draw and Results

7.30am update: We’re not playing at 9am due to wetness of green from all the rain. Reassess at 10am.

10am update: Play to start at 11.30am.




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