Interclub Week 1 Results / Club Fours


Prems at Wilton:

Ray Martin: Won 25-7
Laurie Guy, Robbie Bennett: Lost
Ben King, Tim Toomey, Scott Roddick, Alf De Munnik: Draw

Division 1 at Tawa:

3 losses

Division 3 at Hutt

Roy Gibb: Win 25-5
Graham Goudge, Paul Dunham: Win 19-14
Rhys Barlow, Steve Nicoll, Colvin Inglis, Chris Nugent: Draw

Quad vs Wainuiomata

Two wins


Helen King: Lost 25-24
Pairs: Win with bonus
Fours: Win with bonus

Good results for a few of the divisions, which is very positive, and most are confident the ones that didn’t do as well as may have hoped can bounce back well in the double-header next week.

Club Fours

The first women’s club championships kicked off in the afternoon, and with a familiar result to last season, with the Sarah Taukamo four picking up a win. They play again in club fours tomorrow.

Men’s club fours had a couple of very tight matches, and one blowout. Lou Newman skipping against his son Adam Newman had a large victory. Calum Finlayson off the front for the defending champions was on fire, and the guys following him piled on the pain for their opposition. On a nice, warm calm day, both teams did show their talents, with many good heads, but Lou’s team came out comfortably on top. Colvin regretted not following through on his proposal to move the game over to Green 2 with the social bowlers who were out having a great time!

The Ray Martin skipped team who won their first two matches, came against Jeremy Kydd’s lads, who had lost their first two. Jeremy’s lineup had Rhys Barlow back in action after being away for first two rounds. There has been a influx of draws in fours games for the club this season, with Newman/Gibb having a draw in fours last week, as well as two interclub teams having draws this morning, and this match added to the list. That leaves Ray’s team in 2nd place, and Jeremy’s team calling for mathematicians to calculate their possibilities for progressing to the final.

Laurie Guy’s team were the other two winners from last weeks action. They stepped up against the Roy Gibb ensemble, who had a draw and a loss last week. Paul Dunham returned into their team after being unavailable last week. This match was as tight as an extremely tight thing, with the leader changing often, and usually not more than a couple of points in it. While many players from other rinks were excited about the prospect of an upset to bring Laurie’s team closer to the pack, Laurie’s guys did come through to win, making them the big hot shot team so far with three wins out of three.

With top two progressing to final, and two rounds to go, this leaves the standings:

  1. Guy – 3 wins
  2. Martin – 2.5 wins
  3. Lou Newman – 1.5 wins
  4. Adam Newman – 1 win
  5. Roy Gibb – 0.5 wins
  6. Jeremy Kydd – 0.5 wins

Club Pairs rounds 3 & 4 tomorrow for the lads tomorrow could have some very interesting action.


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