Nicole Toomey – New Zealand Emerging Player of the Year award

Well done to Nicole Toomey for being awarded the New Zealand Emerging Player of the Year award!

A big part of this award was of course the amazing National Singles victory, and also acknowledges her great performances in other events.

Nicole has made us proud for a long time, we could see she had emerged as a top New Zealand player many years ago. She is playing her bowls at Stokes Valley this season where she has been able to play in the televised Bowls3Five league. We wish her all the best, and hope to see her back in Victoria colours again some time in the future!

Nicole has a total of 10 Victoria titles, and has the ‘grand slam’ of having won each title at least once (singles, pairs, triples & fours).

Bowls New Zealand post (where they also give a shout-out for our current national title streak).

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