Well done Ray! Well done Kay & Leigh!

Congratulations to Raymond Martin and his Dad Marty (Island Bay) for repeating their 2013 success in winning the Wellington Open Pairs at the Silverstream club last week. They beat Tawa’s Trevor Rayner and Graeme Traill 22-10 to win Ray’s third Wellington title. However, as they were playing as a Family team they are not able to represent Wellington in the National Club Champ regional playoffs.

Commiserations to Kay Carr and Leigh Griffin for going down in a very good quality final to the Johnsonville pair of Kaaren Guilford and Dale Rayner 14-17. Guilford and Rayner also accounted for Victoria pairs Nina De Munnik and Helen King in the semifinals 7-19 and Hayley May and Feona Sayles in the quarterfinals 8-21.

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