Well done Lisa, Robyn, Kay & Helen!

Congratulations to Lisa White, Robyn Rintoul, Kay Carr and Helen King for reaching the final of the Wellington Open Fours today at Wilton. They went down in a close final to last year’s champion Massey Avenue team skipped by Wendy Mackie 15-9, after beating another Victoria team Tereska Knap, Sarah Taukamo, Nina De Munnik and Leigh Griffin in the semifinals.

A third Victoria team skipped by Feona Sayles reached the quarterfinals while the Lou Newman-skipped four reached the quarterfinals of the mens event.

Victoria moves into the lead in the unofficial women’s club of the year standings, however the men slip to second place behind Wilton. Only points for completed interclub divisions have been included until catch-up matches are played this coming Saturday.

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