Ray making his presence felt at the Open…

Mens Singles Stormed by Young, Ambitious and Talented Bowlers at NZ Open

Is lawn bowls still the preserve of an older, greyer crowd? Certainly not any more, as today`s results from The Trusts NZ Open 2012 men`s singles qualifiers proved.

Red-blooded, talented and fiercely competitive, bowlers like 22-year-old Ray Martin (Victoria), 19-year-old Monte Pawa (Kaitaia Combined) and Black Jack Shannon McIlroy`s comparatively youthful older brother, Adam McIlroy (Clarks Beach), crashed through their sections to finish the day with a clean sweep record – the majority of each bowler`s three games being taken by gaping-wide point margins.

Martin and Pawa, in particular, are of the new breed of Kiwi bowlers coming up through the ranks at a meteoric rate and amassing numerous accolades in the process.

Both bowlers have played for NZ in the annual Trans-Tasman event – Martin in the under-25 team and Pawa in the under-18 team. Pawa was also runner-up in the men`s singles at last year`s NZ Open.

This year is Martin`s first time at the tournament, but his strong showing today is a good indicator of things to come.

“I had a great day and I`m in the triples tomorrow as well, so hopefully we`ll qualify in that too,” Martin said.

“I`m just going to take each opponent as they come and work my way up to the finals.”

[Ray also qualified in the pairs playing with Monte Pawa]

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