Well done Prem Reserve Section 2 team!

Our Premier Reserve section 2 team won the Wellington interclub play-offs at Park Avenue on Saturday to book a place in the regional playoffs in Wanganui on March 5th. The day started with a very good win to Wayne Coleman in the singles over Johnsonville’s Mark Noble, and was decided by a measure in the last round when the pairs of Malcolm Bradshaw and Jeremy Kydd held off a determined Upper Hutt. The team was as follows:

Wayne Coleman (singles)
Malcolm Bradshaw, Jeremy Kydd (pairs – Bob Gately unavailable)
Rhys Hakkens, Naki Nehemia, Tim Toomey, Roy Gibb (fours)

Both the Premier Men’s and Women’s teams finished a creditable runner-up. Both could have taken top spot if games had run slightly differently in the last round, but earned good points for Club of the Year all the same. Eastbourne won the Men’s and Johnsonville the Women’s.

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