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By request, here is another story from the Otago Daily Times during the Nationals on our wily campaigner Lou Newman…

Bowls: Experience tells in the long run

By Alistair McMurran on Thu, 6 Jan 2011 Bowls

Veteran Lou Newman (Victoria) is a wily opponent with a shrewd tactical sense that can swing games in his favour.

He demonstrated this during the first day of section play in the men’s fours at the national open bowls championships in Dunedin yesterday.

He led his Victorian club team of Laurie Guy, Richard Corry and Raymond Martin to three wins.

They beat Keith Ellwood (Kaikorai) 18-13, Gilbert Watt (Balfour) 17-12 and Rodney Fleming (Forbury Park) 17-11.

All the games were tight but the Wellington team had the ability to apply extra pressure in the vital final few ends.

They did this in the third-round game against Fleming when they led 14-11 after 15 of the 18 ends and then played defensive bowls to shut out the Forbury Park team and add three shots on the last three ends.

The first-round game was the toughest for Newman, whose team took time to read the pace of the green and trailed 3-10 after six ends.

They finally hit the front on the fifteenth end, 14-13, and then scored twos on the next two ends to consolidate their position.

Ellwood, the thoughtful Kaikorai skip, summed up the game.

“We found it hard to get off 13 until the last end and by then it was too late,” he said.

Newman made the critical call to hold on to the jack rather than have the last bowl when Kaikorai held the advantage.

It helped the young lead to settle down, Ellwood said.

“We only scored off the last end when we were given the jack.”

Newman used his vast experience to change tactics and win the game.

“We were stronger over the longer ends than they were and it made a big difference,” he explained.

Newman, a Wellington real estate agent, is a tough competitor who has been around the ropes for a long time.

He was third-equal in the fours in Dunedin in 2002 and his team has the ability to improve on that performance this year.

Newman and Corry are both members of the Professional Bowls Association and regular competition on the indoor mats has tightened up their game.

Editor comment: the young lead was Laurie…

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